December 2018 Holiday Letter

December, 2018

Happy Holidays from the Baileys! We enjoy hearing how things are going in your world – whether in person, by phone, card, Facebook, whatever! Here is a peek at our own recent highlights.…

In December 2017 we pulled New York from the pick-a-vacation-state-at-random hat and used that trip as a perfect excuse to visit the Adirondacks & Lake Placid (the 1980 Olympic hockey arena is still inspiring), then headed to Geneva and the Finger Lakes area to visit our nephew – what college student doesn’t LOVE to drag aunts and uncles around campus?

A year ago we randomly pulled Indiana and had a fun spring weekend in South Bend, exploring the area and visiting friends.

Back in February, Randy had surgery on his double-torn rotator cuff and the long recovery process has resulted in great success.   Rick’s Bike Sale went NUTS last year – and bike collection/refurbishment is rolling at an even faster pace this year.  Some 550 bikes were donated and 466 were sold, raising nearly $47,000! Rick and his all-volunteer crew have now raised and donated over $170,000 in total. This year the proceeds were split between Kids ‘n Kinship and DARTS – supporting both youngsters AND senior citizens.

Randy continues to scour sources for fun activities – wine classes, concerts, cultural events, breakfast & lunch meetups with friends.  Several times this year he organized a ‘cultural exploration day’ and off we went by the carload — or as a Miata caravan.  With his spare (?) time, he volunteers with the Debate team at Eastview and as a Snow Angel for DARTS. A successful 40th high school reunion in August validated all the time he put into helping organize the gathering.

DARTS has kept Ann busy! They’re about to close a deal to sell some of their land to build much-needed affordable senior apartments. DARTS will retain partnership in the project in exchange for their expertise in senior services. She also serves on the River Heights Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Her garden produced a huge crop of various peppers and she continues the pickling experiments — with success!

So, what’s weird about this year? Those of you following Randy on Facebook know!

In July, Ann was named Commodore of the Minneapolis Aquatennial Ambassador Organization.This not only wasn’t on her bucket list, she didn’t know it was an option to PUT on the list! Ann is the 3rd female Commodore in Aqua’s 80 year history, and leads the FIRST EVER all-female Ambassador team. The role means she participates in dozens of civic celebrations across Minnesota with the goal to develop women leaders. Recognizing community volunteers with the “Honorary Commodore’s Award” is always inspiring and the parades are fun. Our Ambassador family is wonderful — Captains Jackie and Marjorie bring joy with them and our ‘Crowns’ Haley, Courtney, and Mandy feel like daughters! Beyond the many MN events, we’ll represent Aquatennial at the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, Winnipeg Festival du Voyageur, Macon GA Cherry Blossom fest, and Fiesta San Antonio.  Once spring arrives, we’ll be crazy busy until the 2019 Minneapolis Aquatennial Festival July 17-21 and Ann’s own “Commodore’s Dinner” finale celebration.

Well, that’s about it for the Randy & Ann in 2018. Please stay in touch. A fun version of this letter with hyperlinks to many items is at

Best wishes for 2019!

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